How to Clean Face at Home Naturally

All of us may have the habit of spending more time and money in choosing beauty products which also includes bathing soaps. Such care is also required while we wash our faces. If we want to clean our face alone we may spend only a few minutes. Because we will be thinking like we can take care of our face when we take bath. Though this kind of thinking is partially right you cannot deny the fact that face needs utmost importance and special attention.

Using alcohol-free soaps or face wash is required to protect our skin. Such products will not create any side effects after use and will nourish your skin better.

 Let us see some useful information about how to clean the face naturally.

Methods to Clean Face at Home Naturally

Medicated Turmeric and Kitchen Use Chickpea Powder

For the past several years, we all have had the habit of using flour which we use for cooking as a face pack. Likewise, turmeric has more medicinal uses like it act as the best antioxidant and also serving as an antimicrobial powder. The turmeric will reduce the unwanted spots on your face. The turmeric not only removes the previous skin issues but also protect your skin from upcoming skin related problems. It also reduces acne. You can follow the simple steps provided here and make sure you do this for better results.

Mixing chickpea powder with turmeric and water will give you a thick paste. You can also milk to this paste.

Leave it on for about 10 minutes and after washing you can able to see a glow on your face.

Sometimes, you may feel a tingling sensation in your skin after applying the paste due to turmeric and this reaction will subside when you repeat twice.

Nutrient-Rich Product the Milk

No other product can be compared with milk. It is a useful face cleanser. To get soft skin, you need to use milk. It contains the necessary compounds which will improve the glow of your skin. You can try this even on your baby as milk is a harmless product suitable for all skin types. You can use the milk even with the salt.

Cucumber Can be Used With the Curd

Just like the milk, the curd also softens the skin. The natural components in the cucumber will remove the dark spots in your skin and also the blemishes. This will make your skin hydrated. Just, mix two tablespoons of curd with the cucumber and try on your own. You can increase the quantity depending on the severity of your skin issues.

Effective Face Cleanser, the Oatmeal

Oatmeal contains medicinal properties like it will protect your skin from dryness and other skin related issues. It will remove the dryness in the skin.

 Buttermilk has to be mixed with oatmeal and honey before you apply it to your face.

Apply this paste to your face and neck. After washing you can notice that your skin is feeling hydrated because of the antioxidant properties. Oatmeal also cures the inflammation in your skin.

coconut oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid which will not affect your skin but in turn removes the dead cells in your skin and moisturises the skin well. You have to take 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and1 a teaspoon of honey. Mix it well with 1 teaspoon of yoghurt and make a paste.

You need to do this step for 2 minutes. Following this procedure several times a week will give you a permanent change.

Yoghurt for Sensitive Skin

Yoghurt contains the necessary component which is utmost suitable for sensitive skin. It removes the dryness in your skin, makes your skin spongy soft with a glow. For this, you need

yoghurt, honey and lemon juice. Mix all these and apply them to your face and neck. Wash your face after 15 minutes to see the improvement.

Bottom line

Cleaning the face may sound simple and easy. But, face requires care just like your health. Your face can express your emotions and the happiness of your soul. You will get a good impressionon among others if your face remains clean and attractive. As you are known about the popular sayings, the face is the index of the mind, it’s in your hand to keep yourself healthy and happier.