Buckwheat Honey Benefits, Uses And make

In this article I will be telling you some great benefits of using Buckwheat Honey. So, if you are also looking or want to know what are some benefits of using Buckwheat Honey? read the article till the end.

Benefits of Buckwheat Honey

1. Boost Immune Function

One of the benefits of using Buckwheat Honey is that it supports your immune function, heals your body and even boosts antioxidants in your body.

It is also known for soothing sore throat and cough. Buckwheat Honey is also known for keeping sugar levels low for diabetic patients.

2. Boost Antioxidants In Your Body

Studies found that buckwheat honey is high in antioxidants. Adding 1 tsp of buckwheat honey in your black tea boosts more antioxidants in your body. Drinking one cup of black tea with buckwheat honey will keep you healthy.

3. Work As A Wound Disinfectant 

If you apply Buckwheat Honey on your wound it will help you eliminate bacteria. Because of its low pH and high in sugar helps in preventing bacteria and microbes from growing in your wound.

4. Can Be Used As Skin Care 

Another benefit of using Buckwheat Honey is that it protects your skin from dryness and keeps it moist and smooth.

You can buy honey based products from the market or you can make your own buckwheat honey skin care. 

To make your own buckwheat honey skin care add coconut oil, honey in an electric mixer until it turns into whipped cream. After that, store it in any empty cream box and it is ready to use.

5. It Can Reduce Cholesterol 

Buckwheat Honey was found to be helpful in reducing cholesterol level in your blood. It also helps in keeping high blood pressure low and keeps your heart healthy.

6. Relief Cough

In some studies it is also found that using Buckwheat Honey as a Cough treatment is more efficient than any Cough medicine if used during night time before going to sleep.

7. Buckwheat Honey Contains Nutrients

Buckwheat Honey is a natural sweetener, a sweet liquid that is present in flower nectar collected by bees. Honey is a natural sweetener and it doesn’t contain any fiber, fat or protein.

1 tsp of honey contains 1 percent of vitamin and mineral which is a daily need of the human body. Honey that is light in colour has more bioactive plant components and antioxidants.

8. Can Be Used As A Sweetener

Since honey is a natural sweetener it is good for diabetic patients. It is shown that buckwheat Honey reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications in type 2 diabetic patients. 

It is also found to lower bad cholesterol, inflammation. You can also buy honey from the market or grocery store but always read the ingredients before buying because most of the honey mixed with regular syrup which is high in sugar and not good for diabetic patients.

9. Can help Reducing High Blood Pressure 

Raw Buckwheat Honey is high in antioxidants which is helpful in lowering blood pressure. Studies found that using Buckwheat Honey in both rats and humans show that Honey can help in lowering High Blood Pressure.

How to use buckwheat Honey?

You can eat 1 tsp buckwheat honey raw or you can mix it in any of your favourite drinks or food. Buckwheat Honey works as a natural sweetener so you can add it in any of your favourite desserts like oatmeal, pancakes, smoothie, waffles or baked goods.

To treat sore throat and cough add 1 tsp of Buckwheat Honey in warm tea or you can eat it Raw. For children with a cold age 2 to 5 give 2.5ml. children 6 to 22 give only 5ml and children 12 to 18 give only 10 ml. 

Since buckwheat Honey contains some bacteria it is prohibited to give it to children who are under 1 or 1 year old it might be harmful for them.

To treat wounds apply raw honey on your wounds and cover it with clean cloth or bandage. Or you can mix it with any of your favourite beverages or dessert and use it as a Sweetener.

To treat Cough or sore throat, take 1 tsp of honey and eat it as it is or you can also mix it with any warm herbal Tea.

Benefits Of Using Buckwheat Honey As A Skin Care

Using raw honey as a skin care has many skin benefits. If you use raw Buckwheat Honey and apply it on your face it helps to reduce acne and even improve your skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema.

Honey is works as natural antibacterial. It helps to keep the balance of the bacteria on your skin which is why it is great to treat acne. Honey has emollient which helps to keep the natural moisture in your skin.

Honey also helps in hair smoothening and it also improves your hair. It also slows down wrinkle formation and reduces skin infection.

Buckwheat Honey is also known as a natural exfoliator which helps for dry and dull skin and develops more new skin cells. Exfoliator in honey helps in absorbing moisture in your skin.

How To Use Honey On Your Skin

You can apply raw honey as it is on your face and hands or you can also mix it in other herbal ingredients like turmeric, vitamin C and apply it as a face mask. 

For sensitive skin people apply little honey on your palm and see if you have any allergy, itchiness if you feel uncomfortable in that area where you applied honey don’t use it.

How To Make Your Own Honey Face Mask

To Make honey face mask add 1 tablespoon of Buckwheat Honey, a handful of oats and ½ avocado mix well then simply apply it on your face, leave it for 15 minutes then wash it off. 

Because it is high in antioxidants it gives moisture to your skin in winter or dry months by locking natural moisture inside your skin.

Mix coconut oil with Buckwheat Honey or you can also combine it with yogurt add 1 tablespoon of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey in any empty bowl and use it for nourished and moist skin.

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