A Positive Blood Type: All Thing About A+

People who have A+ blood type are patient, sensible, reserved, creative, stubborn, responsible.

A positive blood type contains RH and A antigens. It is a very common blood type in people. A+ blood can be given or donated to people who have A+ or AB+ blood type.

A positive blood type plasma and platelet can be used for various patients who need this type of transfusion. 

Which is why A positive blood type people plasma and platelets are needed and they get hearted to donate their plasma and platelets.

In this article I will be telling you all about A+ blood type. So, if you want to know more on this topic, keep reading the article till the end.

What Are Blood Type

The ABO blood test is a blood type test which tests the blood cells surface for what antigens are present on their cell surface according to which they identify their blood type.

  • If there are A antigens present on blood cells’ surface then the person is A blood type.
  • Similarly if B antigen is present then he or she is B blood type.
  • If both A and B antigen present then he or she has AB blood type.
  • If none of them are present then he or she is of O blood type.

In further test they identify the presence of positive (+) or negative (-) of the Rh factor in their blood cells.

According to the four blood type and two Rh factor the person can have these blood types:

  • A+
  • A-
  • B+
  • B-
  • O+
  • O-
  • AB+
  • AB-

Why People Have A Positive Blood Type

If you have taken biology in class 11th then they have a more detailed chapter on how and why people have certain blood types.

Blood type is genetic and you are given by your parents. To have A blood type the parents should have AB and AB, A and B, AB and A, AB and O, A and A and O and A combination of blood types.

For example the parents who have blood type B and B, O and O or O and B can not have the child with A blood type.

Personality Types According to Your Blood Type 

There is a persistent theory in Japan which is known as “ketsuekigata” that believes that people with certain blood types have certain personality traits which is not proven by scientists.

According to the personality trait people who have A positive blood type are earnest, responsible, reserved, sensible, patient, tense, stubborn, creative. 

What You Should Eat According To Your Blood Type 

There is a book named “Eat Right For Your Type” which was written in the 1960s and it is the best selling book and Is Still very popular among people.

In this book the writer gave all the instructions on what you should eat and what you should avoid according to your blood type to get an ideal body and weight. But according to Harvard Medical School there is no evidence if this diet actually works or not.

According to the “Eat Right For Your Type” book A positive blood type should follow this diet:

Should Not Eat:

  • Meat
  • Corn, kidney beans, dairy products and wheat.

Should Eat:

  • Seafood, Tofu and Turkey.
  • Whole grains, Vegetables and Fruits.

How You Can Receive Or Donate blood According to Your Blood Type:

According to ABO blood system the blood group are divided into 4 types:

  • A
  • O
  • B
  • AB

Before Receiving or Donating blood the doctor will test your blood sample. Your blood type is checked according to what antigens are present on your red blood cells surface. 

Two most common blood type tests are ABO and Rh tests. ABO test checks what blood type you have from four blood types A,B,AB and O.

Can I test my blood type at home? 

First method is by drawing blood: You can test your blood type at home by drawing blood and using a rapid blood typing kit. For using this kit you need to pierce your finger with a needle.

In this kit they give you a card which contains chemicals known as reagents. The test is for the presence of antibodies and the Rh factor on your red blood cells surface.

If there is more than one or one antibody and Rh factor included in your blood sample the result will show “clumping”. But if clumping does not show then the person is O negative.

Another Method is by using the saliva method. In some studies it is shown that about 80 percent of people carry antigens in their saliva.

In 2018 research shows that if the person holds these antigens in their saliva giving a dried saliva sample might show your blood type. 

But this test doesn’t work for everyone as not everyone holds these antigens in their saliva and this doesn’t indicate whether Rh factor is present or not. 

How To Get Your Blood Type Test For Free

You can also get your blood type tested for free by donating your blood in any nonprofit organization or hospital. By donating their blood you might receive a blood card which will show your blood type. 

For donating your blood you do not need to know your blood, it will get tested by the hospital itself when you go for blood donation.

Is Blood Type Genetic 

Blood type is genetic. The child gets it from the biological parents. The parents pass their blood type antigens to their children if the parent has A they pass A antigen or no antigen at all if the parent has B blood type they pass B antigen. And with the combination the child might have A, AB, B or O blood type. 

Advantages Of A+ Blood Type 

People who have A positive blood type have both A and Rh antigens and can be given to both A+ and AB+ blood types. Since A+ blood type plasma and platelets can be used for many patients who need transfusion which is why A+ blood types are told to donate their plasma and platelets and even their whole body.

A positive blood type plasma is used for treating trauma and accident victims.

What is the disadvantage of A+ blood group?

  • People who have A+ blood type are shown to have low levels of stomach acid in their body which is why they can’t eat meat or any non veg as it can’t be digested easily. So they are suggested to eat more green vegetables.
  • In some it is also shown that these blood types are at a risk of developing certain diseases and conditions.
  • People who have A Positive Blood are at high risk of developing cancer and diabetes.

Which blood type is healthiest?

Among all the blood types people with O are at lower risk of developing heart disease. And people with Blood Type AB and B are at very high risk of inflammation which is why a heart healthy lifestyle is very important for AB and B blood type people.

People with A blood type are found to have more trouble in handling stress. People with A blood type have the highest level of cortisol, the stress hormone. But there are some ways you can reduce your stress level by following daily habits:


Exercise is the most efficient and effective way to reduce your stress level. Exercise is not only effective to loose your weight but also very efficient to keep you away from awful thoughts and stress.

Use Cany Matching Apps

There are some very good mood relaxing apps available on both Play Store and App Store. You can download apps like candy crush, Anti Stress etc. 

Download Anti Stressing App

There are also some apps that track your breathing during stress and even give you methods on how you can make your relax and provide you ways to calm down your worries.

FAQS ABOUT A Positive Blood Type: All Thing About A+

What is special about A+ blood type?

Since A+ blood cells contain both A and Rh antigens. This blood can be given to both A+ and AB+ patients. A positive blood type plasma and platelets are very important because they can be used for any patients needing transfusions which make A+ blood type special.

How do blood type A+ eat?

There is no scientific proof of blood type eating diet but you can eat some of these food according to your blood type:
Olive oil
Blueberries and elderberries
Soy protein 


In this article I tried to tell you all about the A positive blood type, what are their advantages and disadvantages and all about their things related to A positive blood type.

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