Lotrisone Cream: Uses, Side Effects, precautions, overdose

 Thousands of creams and ointments are available now in the market. To be frank, the same ingredient in one cream or ointment will be used in another ointment along with a combination of another ingredient. So, you have a fair chance to get confused.

Gain Knowledge to Avoid Confusion

Before using the cream, it will be better to gain some more information regarding the cream. So, let us see now about  betamethasone and clotrimazole topical which is nothing but the Lotrisone cream. So, you can able to find the cream only if you search using the generic name.

The Steroid may Solve your Issues

 Betamethasone an active ingredient found in this cream is a  steroid that is more powerful among the steroid groups which can reduce the  itching of the skin which leads to redness in the affected area the second most troublesome symptom is the swelling of the skin and that will also be relieved.

Clotrimazole is an antifungal medicine that has been produced mainly to fight against any kind of fungal infection.

Should not be Prescribed without Examining the Issue

Lotrisone cream is not an over the counter medicine but is a  prescription medicine provided by the doctor only after examining the condition. It is used to treat the following skin fungal infections like athlete’s foot, and infection in the jock area and   ringworm.

Warning Instructions for the Cream

It is an adult cream, so it should not be prescribed for children under 17 years of age because the skin of the children will be tender in nature and the cream has the capacity to protrude from the skin and move towards the inner areas of your body.

The Medicine Lotrisone is not a Multipurpose Cream

We used to buy the ointment cream to apply for one affected area but we used to apply the same cream for other skin areas too for some other issues.

Though you have the habit of doing this for adults but do not try to do like this for the babies. The Lotrisone cream is not a multi-purpose cream and it is not recommended to apply for diaper rash.

Our Usual Way of Covering the Affected Skin Areas

Usually, people tend to cover the affected skin areas with tight clothes because we all would think like covering the skin area will protect the affected part from the dust and from certain substances in the environment which could trigger the infection to a bad condition.  We should leave that habit unless our doctor has instructed us to do so.

Please Wait for Minimum Number of Weeks

You have to wait at least a minimum period of two weeks after using the Lotrisone ointment. You should not discontinue the usage before your condition improve. Consult with your physician if the condition worsens rather than getting improved before the allocated time duration.

Check the Product Label

 You have to check the label of the outer pack because the symptoms may not improve if the date of the product is expired. Before starting using the product think about your medicinal allergies. You can even conduct a lab test if you suspect you have certain allergies.

Before taking this medicine

You may not be able to use Lotrisone if you are allergic to either of the combination medicine  betamethasone or  clotrimazole previously.

Some of you may be allergic to the other steroid medicines dexamethasone, fludrocortisone or other antifungal medicines for example itraconazole, and ketoconazole.

Other Medical Illness may Affect Your Treatment

If you ever had bothering eye issues like the cataract or  the eye issues which  affects the age-old people mainly like glaucoma then you have to check whether this new medicine will have an impact on your eyes or not.

Likewise, liver disease or issues in your kidney may create more troubles when you are using this medicine.

Diabetic Patient Stay Away

Not for all the patients but those who come under the high-risk diabetic groups need to stay away from the steroid medicines.

The medical researchers have issued specific instructions for diabetic patients like consuming steroid medicines may increase the glucose level in your blood. Most of you will know only  the after-effects of blood sugar increase but changes in the urine sugar also create significant changes in your body.

 So, it will be better to avoid anything which could cause bad changes in your body.

Cause for Low Weight Babies

If you have delivered a baby with low weight then think about the list of medicine you have consumed previously like this steroid medicine. If such incidents do not happen to you before then it may happen in future if you are going to consume such steroid tablets.

Not for the Mothers who Breastfeed

It may not be safe for breastfeeding mothers also because  using the Lotrisone cream in your chest area  may have a fair chance of going into the baby’s mouth.

 If you still need this medicine though you are a pregnant or lactating mother then it will be good if you could reduce the amount of time.

Basic Instructions Before Using the Cream

 Some of you will be thinking like am I a kid who do not know the ways to use the cream. But, the bitter truth is that yes, we may not use the medicinal ointment properly as it has been instructed to use in the same way.

We would be using like a loose powder which we use for our daily routine. There are certain ways to be followed while using the Lotrisone cream.

You must blindly follow the instructions and not add anything new or change anything. It is mandatory that you need to follow all the directions and the instruction as it has been mentioned in the pamphlet instructional sheets.

Personal cleanliness is necessary and hence washing your hands before using the cream and after using the medicine is good for your health.

It is necessary to use only a small portion of this cream on the affected skin. You should not take more than required. then rub the affected area  gently. You should not apply for this medicine over a large area of skin like you apply Vaseline in your skin. It is necessary to clean your skin before applying the cream and wait till it dries. Then, you can apply the cream as it will avoid causing any further skin infection.

Learn about the Treatment Duration

You are not allowed to leave the treatment halfway and hence you have to use this Lotrisone medicine for the full course of time, even if your issues are solved within the expected time.

To Work for Long Duration Preserve the Cream

It is mandatory to store the cream at room temperature and the cream should not be kept near to moisture and heat.

It is advisable to store the medicine in an upright position and not in a horizontal position.

If I miss a dose?

It will be good if you consume the medicine as soon as you remember. You should not take two doses of medicine at the same time.

 if I overdose?

 Long-term use of Lotrisone cream can lead to the thickness of your skin, skin bruising, changes in  your face, changes in your  neck, back, and waist portion in your body.   Hair growth all over the body, menstrual problems, impotence etc

Learn about the Side Effects

 Please be cautious about these unaware side effects like hives, difficulty in breathing; swelling of your face, changes in your lips, changes in the colour of your tongue, and throat.

Redness in the affected skin area along with irritation in your skin.

Difficulty in seeing others sis to blurred vision,  pain in and around the eyes.

numbness, and tingling sensation in your hands and toes. dryness in your skin or rashes.

Will any other Medicine affect Lotrisone cream?

Usually, the medicine which we use on our skin will not be affected by the consumption of other medicine for other illnesses. But many drugs can interact with each other. So, before consuming Lotrisone it is better to communicate  about all the medicines which we use, including prescription medicine and over-the-counter medicines which we may use occasionally.

Learn about the Alternative to Lotrisone cream?

The main active ingredient which will be similar to this Lotrisone  cream will be Clotrimazole and Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream. So, your doctor may prescribe alternative medicine if you found anything wrong with this ointment.


Generally, the price of the medicinedepends on the market changes orit depends on the tax price imposed by the government.

 You will be paying around 60rs if the weight of the cream is 15g. The cost of the cream will increase further depending on the gram of the ointment.

Bottom line

Knowing the medicinal properties of a cream, learning about the uses of the ointment will give you only a rough idea about the medicine. You will get a different experience when you try for your own.

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