Nizoral Cream: Uses, Side Effects, precautions, overdose

The cream which we use for burns and cuts will be different from the anti-fungal cream. So, we have to be careful while choosing the antifungal medicine even if you buy it in the pharmacy. Here, we are going to learn the basic details about the antifungal cream the Nizoral. You can find several information regarding the cream, but consulting a doctor is required for most of the cases. You can’t predict whether your skin issues will be solved by consulting with a pharmacist itself. Most of you may have the experience of getting paracetamol over the counter from the pharmacist. The same rule cannot be applied in all circumstances and there is no guarantee that it will give you a permanent solution.

Uses of Nizoral Cream

There are some skin infections which has to be treated with the help of anti-fungal cream. Considering the previous reviews and quality  I will suggest you try this Nizoral cream.

Ketoconazole is an active ingredient that can fight the infection causing   athlete’s foot, few other fungal infections like jock itch, ringworm, and dandruff. This medication is also used to treat the skin condition pityriasis, a fungal infection that causes discolouration of the skin, especially in the skin areas where you will be exposed to sunlight often like the surrounding areas of the neck,  arms, and legs. Just like any other medicine, this will also exhibit certain contraindications. Some of you may experience mild symptoms while others will experience adverse symptoms because of the skin types and the severity of the fungal infection.

Side Effects

1. You will experience the feeling of stinging sensation in the fingers in your hands and fingers in your feet.

2.  You can find mild swelling in the affected skin area along with irritation, and redness of the skin.

3. Keep an eye on the alarming symptoms or allergic reactions like,  swellings of the face, swelling in the tongue area 4. Difficulty in swallowing means trouble in your throat.

5. Some of you may feel nausea or unusual headache and difficulty in breathing.

This is the list of possible side effects. It may occur or you may not experience any one of these side effects.


If you have experienced any allergic reactions while using antifungal cream previously then you have to report such experience to your doctor before he prescribes such medicine. Anti-fungal such as clotrimazole, econazole, and similar kind of drugs like Miconazole can create unpleasant experiences for the user.


 If you have applied more cream then you can find the red patches and irritation.


The cost of the Nizoral cream is around 160rs. It may differ depending on the pharmaceutical company or depend on the online market.

My Review of the Cream

I would like to share my genuine opinion about the cream by giving stars as a form of recognition or my result after using the cream

Effectiveness 5***

I will be giving 5 stars for the effectiveness of the cream because of the quick relief from troublesome skin issues.

Ease of Use 4***

You need not to follow extra precautions for using the cream. You can make use of the cream like any other medicinal ointment.

Satisfaction 5***

From a personal point of view, I have to give my personal opinion only. For that, I’ll be giving 5 stars because I am completely satisfied after using the ointment.

How to Use Nizoral Cream

1. You have to clean the affected skin area with water and need to wait till it dries.

2. Then you can apply the cream because the cleaning process would be removing the dust and you cannot apply the cream when it is wet.


Sometimes, unknowingly you may do mistakes while applying the cream. This carelessness may lead to health issues. So try to avoid those careless mistakes and get a permanent solution from this treatment.

#Do not apply this cream to your eyes, even by carelessness.

#Do not put inside your nose,  

#Do not swallow the cream by your mouth, though it is rare chances of swallowing will be there if you have used the cream during the time of your bed.

#Using the cream in your genital area is restricted. or vagina.

#rinse thoroughly with water if you have applied the cream by mistake in the above-mentioned area of your body

Inform your doctor if your condition remains the same or the symptoms persist like the same as before even after the expected duration of recovery

Bottom line

The Nizoral cream is trustworthy cream according to doctors’ point of view and in my point of view the possibility of getting adverse effects will be low when compared with other anti-fungal cream products

I have shared my user review above and I would also recommend you to share your opinion thereby getting a clear idea about the product for the user.

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