Mentax Cream: Uses, Side Effects, precautions, overdose

Have you ever researched the ointment or cream which you are using externally in your body. Some of you may not have that much time or interest. Few of you may not have patience. Just for your kind of people the details about the cream Mentax has been provided here. So, just spend a few minutes more to read this worthwhile piece of information.

Mentax Cream is used to fight the fungal activity on the skin surface.

Knowing the generic name of any product will help you to purchase an alternative cream if not available in the market

The generic name of Mentax cream is butenafine

Depending on the intensity of the skin infection sufficient Mentax cream should be used in the affected areas of the skin. You can feel soothing relief from the symptoms immediately.

Improvement in the Patient Health is Monitored

 The patient will be categorised as a highly sensitive patient and a normal skin patient. Depending on their condition the dosage of the medicine will differ. The health of the patient will be monitored to avoid unnecessary delay for the recovery.


Patients who have been affected by the condition pityriasis Versicolor should apply the cream once daily for a couple of weeks.

Patients with inter digital tinea pedis should apply Mentax twice daily for 7 days or the patients can make use of the cream once for a maximum time of 3 weeks.

If you are affected by the issue of tinea corporis or tinea cruris then you should apply the Mentax cream once daily for a week.

Learn about the Mechanism of Action

The cream contains the synthetic antifungal agent, butenafine hydrochloride.

Depending on the level of the medicine and the fungal species tested, the butenafine HCl which was used in the medicine may be fungicidal or fungistatic in vitro.

Side Effects

Most people may not experience any alarming side effects. Even if they suffer from one or two side effects it will not stay for more weeks.

1. if your skin is sensitive naturally then you will feel like a minor burn for the first time use.

If you have any hormonal issues then you can also feel like there is a constant stinging sensation in your body.

2. Whenever you are applying something new to your skin then you will feel like itching. This Is the initial sign your skin is telling to you. This means you need to use a minimum quantity of cream initially, so If it causes any worst reactions then you can discontinue using the cream.

3. Some of you could experience worsening of the infected area because of the amount of cream which has been applied to the skin.

4. You may also experience contact dermatitis while using the cream.

5. Extreme level of redness in the skin due to the high volume of the cream

How it will be Examined

Diagnosis of this skin disease should be confirmed either by taking a culture on an appropriate medium or through a microscopic examination. This kind of diagnosis in the infected epidermal tissue will give you a clear idea about the ongoing issue.

Patients who have a previous history of exhibiting allergic sensitive reaction to allylamine antifungals can consider using Mentax cream 1%, with necessary precaution, because there is a chance for cross-reaction.


Mentax or also referred to by its generic name butenafine HCl Cream is not for ophthalmic use which means not for eye issues, not for treating oral dental issues like tooth cavity or gum issues.

To use in sensitive private skin areas in your body you have to ask permission from your doctor. You are not permitted to use it intravaginal.


Some people can cope with the effects of the overdose whereas some of you may develop skin infections that may need long term treatment.

Breathing issues due to the smell of the cream, loose stools if swallowed accidentally.

As an educated adult, you have to be careful and you should not allow going beyond the allotted dosage.


The cost for Mentax cream 1% is around $108 only if you want to purchase a minimum quantity of 15 grams. As we all know the price may vary depending on the online medical store you purchase. Offline purchase of the product may differ from online offers for medicine.

Bottom line

The review provided by the people may differ from one person to another. Hence, you cannot anticipate the aftereffect of the cream. You can ask the opinion of the pharmacist if you have doubts. Seeing the reviews from the people will give you just a rough idea about any medicine. Unless you try the cream by yourself you cannot conclude. So, just buy with an optimistic approach like you will get a solution for your long time skin issues.

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