Lamisil (Terbinafine) tablet: Uses, Side Effects, precautions, overdose

Lamisil Tablet

There is a tremendous improvement in the medical field and nowadays more number of medicines have been manufactured for a single health issue. You may get confused if you search by your own. Hence, you will need the help of a physician.

Trust is Important

A doctor is the one person whom we trust more. There is no such doctors in the world who could suggest you a medicine without examining. So, trust your doctor first then only their medicine will show positive improvement in your health as it is related with the psychology of a patient. Let us explore now about the uses of the lamisil tablet.

Uses of Lamisil Tablet

Before learning about the uses of the lamisil tablet you need to know the main active ingredient. The key ingredient in the Lamisil tablet is the Terbinafine. It is used to fight against all types of fungal infections even that infection happens in your nails in the fingers and nails in your toes etc. Preventing the growth of the  fungus will be the main course of action in this lamisil tablet. If you are a student who have interest in medicine then you will be searching the generic name and it is nothing but Terbinafine HCL.

 Learn about the Possible Ways How To Use this  Tablet

Though the tablet is recommended for the adults, learning the possible ways by reading the medication guide should be the first step before started consuming the tablet.If you have any questions, even about a small detail mentioned in the instruction guide you need to ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Food Habits also Play an Important Role

There is no specific food you have to take while consuming the tablets. In some cases, the dietician in the hospital will be recommending the required food to boost your immunity or the required food which will support the ongoing treatment.

Like any other medicine you can consume this tablet orally with food or there will be no issues even if you have consumed the tablet without the food. You can follow like this once or twice in a day or as per the instruction provided by your doctor. Dose of the tablet and how long you will need this treatment is based on your previous medical condition. It also depends on how quickly your body is reacting positively to the treatment.

Not Every Person Health is Similar

Not all of our fingers are same in our hands, likewise not all the patient will be showing drastic improvement in health at the same time and that too within a short span of time. For some people it will give immediate results but for others there could be delayed improvement like it may take up to several months.  It is not a magic to get an instant result, though the tablet is effective It would take some time for your nails to grow a healthy nail in the place of an infected nail if the fungal infection is in your nails.

Doctors Suggestion will be Final

Continuing the medicine for weeks or months as suggested by your doctor will give you a positive results. You should not stop the medicine earlier. If you have stopped consuming the tablet early then it may allow the fungus to  grow further. This will leads to the return of the infection.

Side Effects are Possible for Most Of the Medicine

You could feel like something is not right with your bowel movement. So, it may leads to dysentry or Diarrhea. Else you may face at least irritation in your stomach frequently. If these mentioned side effects subsides of its own then there is nothing to think about that more else you should report that details of the side effects immediately to your doctor. If you have purchased over the counter medicine then report the symptoms to your pharmacist without fail.

Doctors May Not Fail

You should always keep this in your mind like this medicine has been prescribed to you after conducting a thorough examination by your doctor and hence your doctor knows you better. You should not underestimate your doctors point of view just for the sake like you know more about medicines. Sometimes to get a positive result and that too to put an end to your problem  permanently you may need to adjust with the risk of the side effects.

Positive Reviews from the Patient

 After conducting reviews from the patient who have consumed this lamisil tablet it has been found that this medicine does not have serious side effects.

Few More Side Effects

You can find notable changes in your taste or some of you can feel changes in the smell of the food or some of you could experience loss of taste. These kind of  side effects could improve after you have stopped consuming the  terbinafine, but for some of you could be affected by these side effects permanently.

The doctors may advise you to keep an eye on the alarming side effects like  changes in your eyes including changes in the eye ball movement, or notable changes in your mental state like mood swings etc. One thing you have to keep in your mind like you will be exposed to several new symptoms whenever you are consuming new medicine. This will happen because your body may not adjust with a medicine which will be new and different from your daily consuming vitamin tablets.

Few of you may need to face depression, and gum bleeding.

While taking the tablet if you have noticed tiredness then it won’t be taken as a normal thing. You should also notice like how well you are urinating every day like the  changes in the output of urine.

Not for all but for some people this tablet could cause mild to moderate liver disease.  There could also be symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and some of you may not feel hungry at all.

Precautions is a Must for All

Generally, the doctors may not prescribe any medicine unless the multivitamin tablet during the course of pregnancy. So, try to avoid any medicine which need to be taken orally.

 So, regarding the lamisil tablet it should be consumed only when it is required at the critical condition for pregnant mothers. It is your duty to discuss the risks associated with the lamisil tablet with your doctor.

There is a mild chance like this medicine may pass into the blood stream of lactating mothers.  Consult with your doctor.

Overdose Not Good for Your Health

If you have consumed the tablet more than the required dose then it will lead to  overdose of the tablet. It will be showing you  few serious symptoms like increased urine output, breathing issues etc.


If you have received good benefits by consuming the tablet then you would have the tendency to share the detailing with others. But, please note that you should not do like that.

Do Not Use the Same Medicine for all Symptoms

This medicine has been prescribed by your doctor after conducting a detailed examination with regards to your current condition alone. You should not use it later for any another infection which exhibits the same symptoms like before.

Lab Report may be Required

Complete blood count test, liver, kidney function test could also be conducted in certain circumstances before consuming this tablet.

So, priorly get an appointment in any of the available medical labs.

Missed Dose Condition

Most of us have the habit of adding an alarm reminder for taking a medicine. If you miss a dose, it will be better to  take the medicine as soon as you remember. But If it is near the time of the next dose, then you have to skip the missed dose. Do not take two medicine at a time as you have missed your previous tablet.

Storage of the Medicine

You need to store the medicine  away from the sunlight, room tube light and moisture. Because the heat that emit from these lights will affect the medicine. Keep all of your medicine  away from your children and pets.

Learn the Basics from Your Childhood

You should  not flush the medicines in the toilet. Properly throw away this medicinal product. Growing older is not a big thing but learning and practising good things is necessary.


The cost of the tablet is 150 rs for 10 tablets. The price may increase and also could decrease depend on the market changes and also based on the company brands.

Bottom Line

Please do research more about the medicine evenbefore visiting the doctor or a pharmacist. This will help you to have a clear idea about the lamisil tablet. if you have read the details priorly then it will be easy for you to understand the Lamisil effects before consuming the medicine.

The Lamisil tablet can be a boon to you if you have followed the dosage properly else it can cause mild health issues to you.

Following a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and exercise will give you good health.  We are working hard not only to earn but also to lead  a healthy life also.

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