8 Health And Nutrition Benefits Of Pinto Beans

In today’s article I will be telling you 8 Health And Nutrition Benefits Of Eating Pinto Beans Daily. So if you want to know about how pinto beans can promote your overall health read the article till the end. 

What are Pinto Beans

Pinto Beans are usually called common beans. In Spanish they named it frijoles pintos which means painted beans.

Pinto Beans are most popular in Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico and eaten as a whole, in broth or mashed. It is most commonly used as a filling for burritos, tostadas and tacos.

In South America it is commonly known as poroto frutilla which means strawberry bean. In Portuguese it Brazilian name is feijão carioca.

8 Health And Nutrition Benefits Of Pinto Beans

1. Rich In Nutrients

Pinto Beans are rich in Iron, Minerals, protein, vitamin B1, Potassium, Phosphorus, Carbs, Fiber, Sodium, Magnesium and also contain Zinc and Calcium in Small amounts.

100 pinto Beans contains 9g Fiber, 50mg Magnesium, 147 mg Phosphorus, 9.01g Protein, 43g mg Potassium 15.2g Starch, 26.2g carbohydrates 

It helps the body to boost the production of Vitamin B1 which is important for the body to convert food into energy.

2. Contains Antioxidants

Pinto Beans are a great source of antioxidants. It is also rich in Kaempferol which have many anti-cancer benefits. 

3. Improve Blood Sugar

Pinto beans are High in protein and fiber regardless of being high in carbs. Pinto Beans are slow to digest because of their low GI (low glycemic index) which delays the process of sugar release in your body. But always Consult your first for more knowledge before including it into your daily diet.

4. Promote Heart Health 

Eating Pinto Beans Weekly can promote heart health. An 8 week study showed that the person who eats ½ cup of Pinto Beans daily is shown to decrease in both high level cholesterol that lead to heart disease and LDL bad cholesterol.

Pinto Beans contain Magnesium, potassium which helps in preventing high blood pressure.

5. Might Help In Weight Loss

Since Pinto Beans are rich in protein and fiber which will lead to feeling fullness after intake. 

Protein and fiber are found to promote feeling of fullness so you will not feel hungry all the time which will help you to cut down on snack time which will promote weight loss.

6. Great Source of Fibers 

Pinto Beans are rich in Fibre which is necessary for your body to promote digestive health and even promote heart health, blood Sugar control, gut health.

7. May Help In Preventing Cancer 

In some studies it is shown that eating Raw Pinto Beans might reduce the chances of having cancer and can even delay tumor formation in your body.

8. Improve Gut Health 

Studies show that including Pinto Beans in your diet improves your gut health as it feeds the good bacteria present in your stomach which helps in good digestion, and improves overall health.

Pinto Beans are rich in fibre which is not easily available in your daily diet and lack of fibre in your diet can lead to Constipation, bad indigestion and bloating.

9. Pinto Beans Are Rich In Protein 

Pinto Beans are also a great source of protein and iron especially for vegan and vegetarian who are looking for a protein rich diet. Pinto Beans might be a good option for you.

What happens if you eat too many pinto beans?

Pinto Beans are shown to have many great health benefits but eating excess of anything will lead to many problems in your body.

While Pinto Beans have many health benefits it is also shown that eating excess Pinto Beans will have a bad effect on your body.

  • Can cause Migraine

In some studies it is shown that eating Pinto Beans has the opposite reaction in some people and they have severe migraines. It is always better to consult your doctor first and eliminate intake according to what your doctor suggests.

  • Can Make You Gassy

Some people found that including Pinto Beans in their daily diet makes them feel more gassy than usual which isn’t considered a health problem but can cause them embarrassment.

But you can reduce the gas production by changing its cooking method. When soaking change beans water several times and always wash canned beans before using. 

Adding lemon, fennel, and balm in your Pinto are also found efficient in reducing gas production of beans thought it can be a little time consuming but found efficient.

  • Can Cause Cramping 

Because Pinto Beans are rich in fiber which is slow to digest can cause indigestion and too much intake might slow down your bowel movement which will lead to constipation and cramping.

  • Might Cause Constipation

Pinto Beans are known for preventing constipation but can also lead to severe constipation if you do not drink enough water or liquid after its intake as it contains fiber which is not easy to digest and needs more liquid to move through your digestive system.

Studies shown that most of the side effects of beans are because they are high in fiber and need enough fluid to help it pass through your digestive system easily or you can boil Pinto Beans before eating which will help to soften it so it can be easily digested.

FAQS ABOUT 8 Health And Nutrition Benefits Of Pinto Beans

Is it OK to eat pinto beans everyday?

Pinto Beans are considered heart healthy. Several studies also show that eating ½ Cup of Pinto Beans daily reduces bad LDL cholesterol in your body which increases the chances of having heart diseases.

Is there another name for pinto beans?

Another name of Pinto Beans are speckled beans and strawberry beans.

Are pinto beans good for your colon?

In studies it is shown that Pinto Beans are high in complex fibre which helps in digestion and promote gut health and overall health of your body but because pinto beans are rich in fibre which make them slow to digest it is very important to drink plenty of fluid so it can digest properly

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