Nizoral Shampoo: Uses, Side Effects, precautions, overdose, Drug Interactions and more Guide

What is Nizoral Shampoo and how is it used? What are side effects of Nizoral Shampoo? Indications & Dosage, Side Effects & Drug Interactions, Warnings & Precautions, Overdosage, Clinical Pharmacology, Medication Guide

What is Nizoral Shampoo

People have the habit of washing their hair regularly with the help of natural ingredients or Ayurvedic products. Nowadays, most of us would be using some shampoos for washing our hair every day and for the nourishment for our hair. Though there are more products available in the market we will be looking for the best product in terms of quality and also in quantity. So, we can use it for more days in a month. Likewise, here we are going to see about a shampoo called Nizoral.Let’s explore more.

Knowing the Shampoo Before Using  will be Beneficial for You

Nowadays, the shampoo will be manufacturedkeeping in mind the opinion of the public like what kind of shampoo they need and at what will be their budget. The health of the user will be taken into priority whenever a product is made.

This Nizoral product is also available as a cream. Those who need only the cream can make use of it. The same ingredients are used in a pill. If a product is available in three forms then why can’t you buyit for your requirement?

Uses of the  Shampoo

The shampoo is mainly recommended  to treat the fungal infections, especially in the case if the fungal infection leads to hair loss. Don’t you want to know about the ingredient which is helping you to fight against infection. The shampoo contains ketoconazole and that too in the percentage of 2% which is effective against the fungal attack.

 A dermatologist may prescribe this medicine only after examining the cconditionof the patient. Sometimes, a shampoo with an ingredient that will be mild in action can treat the issue too.Here, the Nizoral shampoo can be used to treat the affected area with such ease that you may forget the fact that it is a medicated shampoo.

By using this medicated shampoo it would help you to relieve from most of the hair related issues like flaking, itching etc.

 TheNizoral shampoowith an active ingredient is also used to treat the skin related issue if it is caused by a fungal attack.

How Many Times Do You Need This?

Some of you might get confused about how much time we need to use in a week.Three times a week for quick results and you can reduce it to twice a week depending on the severity of the condition.

Few people tendto like if they use shampoo daily then it will give them an immediate result. Yes, that will also be possible but not for all. Sometimes, it will give a negative result too.

Learn About the Ways How to Use the Shampoo

Before using the shampoo wash your hair, with plenty of water. once your hair is wet then you can add a pinch of shampoo along with the water.   If your hair strength is more then you can apply even more shampoo in your wet hair.  You have to add the shampoo not only in the upper surface of your hair but also it should also touch the inner portion of your scalp.  After massaging your hair for 5 minutes you can rinse your hair with warm water.

You have to repeat the same steps for n number of times as it was instructed by your doctor. You should dry your hair thoroughly after rinsing your hair at the end.

Do not keep your hair wet after taking bath as it could create a way for the re-occurrences of any fungal infections.

 If you are using theNizoral cream thenyou have to leave the cream afterputting in your skin for 10 minutes, then you can wipe it out.

Dosage of the Shampoo Will Differ

Depending on theseverity of dandruff issue the treatment for the patients will differ.Having positive thoughts will always help you. Don’t start to use this product has a negative thought in your mind like it will not work. Few of you tendto compare your recovery with your friends or with any one of your family members. You should understand the fact that each person’s hair is different and the medicated shampoos will not react similarly for all of you in the same way.

Generally, within two weeks, you can find a positive change.

Read about the Side Effects

When you are using thismedicine you may find changes in your hair texture, discolouration of the skin, mild or moderate irritation in your skin. There may also be possibilities to get dry hair.

Some of you may not give attention to hair loss, especially during treatment. But don’t be like that while using this product. Keep an eye on your hair loss.

In some people, few reported allergic reactions are rashes anditching. Swelling in your face, or your skin may happen.   You may also notice dizziness orbreathing issues too. So, be aware of these possible contraindications while taking the Nizoral.If you think is it possible to have this kind of contra indications and that too for a shampoo, I would like to say like yes. The ordinary shampoo itself contains the necessary components to remove the hair lies and dandruff. But, for some of you it may not be enough. For such people the Nizoral shampoo will be a boon.

Prevention and Precaution is Must

Always you have to be aware about the possible allergic reactions while using any medicated products like shampoo or any other medicine. The ingredients present in the shampoo can also cause allergic reactions or it could also trigger some other medical problems.

So, you should always remember your medical history before purchasing any medicine.

Pregnancy and Medicine

This product should be used only if it is absolutely required during the time of pregnancy. Similarly, the lactating mothers should consult the doctor and should raise their doubts like whether the shampoo or the cream will protrude the skin and is there any chance to get mixed with the breast milk or not.Though it will not happen with the Nizoral shampoo we cannot rollout even 1 per cent of chance which could affect the pregnant ladies.

Wrong Consumption of the Shampoo

When taking bath it could go into your eyes, nose and mouth. Though irritation in the eyes is normal in such cases If you notice swelling in eyes, blurry eyes, or changes in the eyeball movement then immediately wash your eyes with cold water. You can use ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth and keep them above your eyes till the eye issues got resolved.

Some people may feel breathing difficulties due to the smell of the shampoo or due tothe ingestion of the shampoo.You could experience vomiting like sensationsor loose stools if you have swallowed more either in the form of shampoo or as a pill.


If you buy through online then it will differ depend on the company and the website you are going to purchase. The cost of the Nizoral shampoo is 120rs. The same active ingredient could also be used in other products and that will be sold in different price for different companies. If you have the habit of purchasing the shampoo for a particular company which is trustworthy up to you then go with that flow. Else, you will be confusing yourself regarding the price of the shampoo.I would recommend you like if you are intended to buy the Nizoral shampoo then you need not to check with the price because the quality and the results of the shampoo will come into your mind than the price.

Pharmacological Properties

If you are a person who is into the medical field or if you are a person who have chemical or pharmaceutical knowledge then you may like to know the pharmacological properties related with the Nizoral shampoo. Ketoconazole ingredient in Nizoral shampoo is a synthetic imidazole di-Oxo lane antimycotic. It will always fight against yeasts, Malassezia, and the infection causing dermatophytes. If you cannot understand the pharmacological properties then you need not to worry about it. It will be the duty of your doctor or  a pharmacist to prescribe an apt medicine for their patient or a customer.

Bottom Line

I hope  most of you may have a clear idea now as you have finished reading the details about Nizoral shampoo. I would like to recommend this shampoo personally as I have gained more benefits after using it.I am keen to mentioned this point because people now are checking the reviews of the product in which they have an interest to use or purchase.  I would say you can make a try and see the positive changes by your own. If you need a quality good product and that too within your budget then it will be the topmost shampoo which will come into your mind.

Why you need to delay for purchasing this product. Just move on to buy the Nizoral shampoo.

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