Lamisil Athlete’s Foot Antifungal Cream: Uses, Side Effects, precautions, overdose

Lamisil Athlete’s Foot Antifungal Cream – Uses, Side Effects, prescription, overdose.
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A decade ago, people have the habit of visiting the hospitals only when it is very much required or only during an emergency medical condition. If the health issue can be solved with the help of an ointment or sprays then we all would visit the pharmacy alone. Buying the medicines from the pharmacy and  those medicines which will be only for external usage will not be considered as big issue.

But things have changed now. People want to know the details about the medicine even it is taken externally.  The doctors also advise the people to use the medicine after consulting a physician. If you do not have that much time at least seek advice from a pharmacist.

You will get to know about a medicine called Lamisil which may provide an end to your issues. If you want to know about an antifungal cream Lamisil, I hope you can get to know more over here.

Lamisil Cream a Remedy for Athletes Foot

This medicine is used to treat various fungal infections and specifically skin infections.

 You can use this medicine for infections such as athletes’ feet, and ringworm etc. This medicines can be a boon for those who suffer frompityriasis

 This infection could cause discolouration of your skin. The youngsters will find this kind of change in the skin a big issue.

It will be troublesome for those who will roam under the heat of the sun and also for those people whose dress code cannot hide the affected sensitive areas. These skin changes will happen mostly in and around the neck portion,  around the chest, arms, and also in the legs. 

The Lamisil cream contains the component called Terbinafine. It is an anti-fungal cream that works to prevent fungal growth. If you check the product cover you can know that Benzyl has been used as a preservative.

How to Use this Lamisil Cream

you should not use this cream in any other area than the skin. It is highly recommended to use the medicine only on the affected skin areas. Most of us will apply the ointment immediately after buying it from the store, do not do that instead you should use water and cotton to clean the wounded area where the medicine has to be applied.

 It is always recommended to start with a thin layer of medicine in the affected area.

Repeat the process once or twice daily for better results. Follow your physician’s advice or the instructions mentioned on the product page.

You should seek the help of your consulting physician or the pharmacist if you had purchased over the counter to get rid of your doubts.  You should not wrap your wound with a bandage or with a cloth. The wound needs to be exposed to fresh air, so it will heal quickly.

If your doctor has recommended you to do a bandage then you can follow that instruction.

Learn About the Sensitive Areas

You should not apply the medicine to your eyes, nose, or mouth. Avoid using the cream in your private body parts. Unknowingly, if you have applied the cream in your private body areas, then it will be good to clean that area with plenty of water.

Unless you have problem in your scalp you should not use over there. This will be same for your nails.

Always  Self Treatment may Not Help You

Only your doctor could know you better.

The dose and length of the treatment depend on the severity of your infection.

Overdose of this Ointment

You should not use this cream more in quantity or even for a longer duration than it was prescribed actually. Because every medicine has some side effects and you cannot ignore those side effects.

Set Your Reminder Alarm

 If you are not good at remembering things then you have to use this cream at the same time daily. So, you may not forget.

Continue the medicine till the treatment period is finished. If the wound started to heal do not withdraw the usage of ointment.

Even if the symptoms disappear, do not avoid this medicine till your doctor asked you to do so.

Because re-occurrence of the infection is possible if you discontinue using the cream in-between.

General Advice for all Medical Treatment

Your wound will be healed and your health will be improved only if your treatment is finished.

Minimum Period for Recovery

Some people have to continue the treatment for weeks or months.

It is quite possible to notice positive changes in your health within two weeks after started using this medicine.

You have to be aware of these Possible Side Effects

If your skin is already sensitive then this medicine could affect you because it may cause a burning sensation, and some of you can notice peeling of your skin areas while some of you can feel the irritation. some people may also feel an itching kind of sensation after applying the ointment to the affected area in their body. If you have noticed any of these side effects or if these mentioned side effects increases then it has to be addressed to your doctor.

Though we know medicine we cannot replace the position of a doctor.

If your doctor has prescribed this medicine, then you have to remember that doctor has prescribed it after examining your wound and the physician knows better about the benefits of the cream.

Know About the Alarming Side Effects

There are a few serious side effects that could affect you on a larger scale. They are blistering and swelling. Always have an eye on your skin after applying the ointment.

Some of you could experience alarming side effects to this medicine but it is rare. But, even for an initial case, you have to get medical attention immediately.

Please keep an eye on your affected area like is there any rash in the skin, itching like sensation etc. Swelling in the face is also a possible side effect.

After seeing the people’s reviews over the years, some people have reported that they have felt dizziness. The people who already have asthma-related issues felt respiratory illness like breathing issues. Go to your nearby hospital and explain your condition to your physician.

So, you should be focused on the contraindications.

Precautions that are Important Before Using this Medicine.

 Consult your physician and explain your past medical-related allergies. If your past medical history was good enough against any anti-fungal treatment then you are free to use this medicine.

Before using this medicine, speak with your doctor about your experience of inflammation in the skin or lesions.

During pregnancy, this medication can be avoided and it should be used only if it is required. You can discuss the risks associated with this cream during pregnancy.

Sometimes, the medicines or the ointment which we are applying to the skin can intrude on the skin pores and there is a fair chance of getting mixed into the bloodstream of the pregnant mother. This may affect the baby in the womb. Though this kind of side effects may not happen for all taking precautionary measures is advisable.

Hence, we recommend like a doctor’s consultation be a must if you are a breastfeeding mother.

Price of the Medicine

The cost of the Medicine will vary if you buy online. But, the price of this medicine is around 170 rs

So, depend on the company brand the price will differ. You can buy a substitute medicine too but it may not be as effective as Lamisil as per the review posted by the users in the web.

How to Store Medicine?

Most of us may not be aware of how to protect a medicine. The cream should be stored only at room temperature. Some of you may have the habit of storing the medicine in the refrigerator but kindly do not do that in this case.

keep the medicine away from light, and even away from lamps in the room which will emit more heat.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, over the counter medicine and ointments are available everywhere. It’s up to you to pick an ideal ointment to treat your issue.  You should always keep in mind as most of the medicines have some contraindications and you should know that priorly

To understand such things you need to have little medical knowledge. Improving your knowledge will help you at critical times. Health is important for all and you cannot compromise by taking irrelevant medicines.

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